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Liburn Marina
Autostrada Tirane-Durres, Km.8, Kashar, Tirane, Albania.
Albania,Tirana, Tirana, 1000

NACE Codes
  • G.45.11 - Sale of cars and light motor vehicles
  • G.45.19 - Sale of other motor vehicles
  • G.45.20 - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
  • G.45.31 - Wholesale trade of motor vehicle parts and accessories
  • G.45.32 - Retail trade of motor vehicle parts and accessories
  • G.45.40 - Sale, maintenance and repair of motorcycles and related parts and accessories
Export Activity

Trade of marine accessories, spare parts, lubricants, yachts produced in Albania etc.)

Export Chanels /Export Markets

Partners, distribution channels etc

Firm Info

LIBURN MARINA was founded in December 2016 thanks to a crazy passion of its founder! It is a giant investment that realizes the production of "Liburn"speedboat Albanian brand certified! LIBURN MARINA is the official representative of MERCURY Motors for Albania and Kosovo, also an official partner of the Italian company OSCULATI. You will find everything you need for your cruise (marine accessory, spare parts, lubricants, etc.) In the premises of Liburn Marina, they realize also modern certified services.

Company Products

At LIBURN MARINA, clients can order the floating vessel that they want, speedboats and boats ranging from 3 meters to yachts that meet every client's requirement.

Company Services

General Automotive Repair Preventative boat Maintenance Air Conditioning and Heater Service Cooling System and Radiator Repair Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement Oil Filter Replacement Brake Repair Engine Diagnostic Belts, Hoses, Fluids Transmission Services

Cooperative Offers

Liburn Marina shpk is the official representative of mercury Motors in Albania, enabling it to offer a wide range of vehicles, services and accessories for these brands.

Economic Sector: Manufacturing Industry Offer Type: Other