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Industrial Zone - South
Bulgaria,Kardzhali, Kardzhali, 6600

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NACE Codes
  • C.22.19 - Manufacture of other rubber products
Export Activity

Europe, Asia, USA

Export Chanels /Export Markets

The company is one of the largest suppliers of such components for the European and world market and works for companies like General Motors, Volkswagen, Daimler Mercedes, Tesla and others.

Firm Info

Teklas was founded in 1971 in Turkey. The company is engaged in the production of rubber water connections and plastic tubes for the automotive industry. In Bulgaria and Kardzhali the company has been operating since 2004. Apart from Bulgaria, the Teklas Group also has factories in Turkey, China and Russia as well as logistics centers in Europe and North America..

Company Products
Cooling and heating systems Photos

At Teklas, we have developed and manufactured fluid systems for OEMs all over the world since 1971. We constantly develop innovative hose structures to follow newly emerging automotive technologies and adapt to changing regulations. In addition to our rubber and metal based solutions, we serve our customers with Water Injection Technology (WIT) designs to reduce the weight of vehicles and increase recycling rate by replacing rubber and metal parts. Moreover, we are one of the largest quick connector manufacturers in Europe. Due to our capacity, we are able to be very flexible on design and project timing.

Electric and hybrid engine components Photos

We offer solutions to the growing demand for fluid systems of increasing electric vehicles. We develop cooling systems for a range of temperatures to support thermal management of electric and hybrid engines. In addition, we offer solutions from battery cooling to transmission oil cooling systems of which the key design parameters are low weight and complex thermal management.

Components for air systems Photos

Cover all turbo air systems between 80°C and 230°C temperatures. Due to our present metal, rubber and thermoplastic material development capacity, we can provide our customer an optimum acoustic and dynamic endurance performance. We develop and manufacture all the rubber formulas within the company's R&D Center. With our multilayered hose designs, we can guarantee resistance to high pressures. In addition, our in-house welding technologies enable us to obtain highly successful results with very low permeability of thermoplastic parts. As Teklas, we are one of the most credible suppliers of turbo air systems.

Hoses for clutch and braking systems Photos

Teklas has more than 30 years of experience in high pressure brake hose sector guarantees our sustainable and high-quality products. Our hose constructions are accredited by a variety of standards including FMVSS 106 and CCC, and by several countries including India and South Korea. By this means, we are able to deliver our brake hoses all over the world. Our customer-centricity and flexibility ensures our capability of developing more affordable high temperature and fatigue resistant hose constructions with low volumetric expansion.

Hoses and pipes for air conditioning Photos

More than 45 years of expertise in rubber compound and high pressure hose production guarantees our development of air conditioning hoses with considerably low permeability (<0,3 g/m*day) values. For our customers, we develop rubber and metal hose tubes resistant to fluids and refrigerants at given temperature.